5 Ways to Promote a New Product or Service

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You have your rugs in the market, but the brand not well embossed onto the brains of customers? The idea that it takes a lot of effort and expertise in the field to come out successful is true, but that doesn’t nullify the fact that the extremely competent ones can emerge victorious among the big names. Being new to the market never makes a company the one that serves low-quality; to infuse the reliability of the product within the potential customers is the challenging part. You will know the struggles to endure to get your product to the top of the shelf. Marketing is the key to familiarize customers with your product. To initiate the first strategy, and to take it further on to the subsequent phases of promoting your product would be quite difficult. Here are a few creative methods to promote your new product.

1.      Go to Google My Business

Creating a Google My Business page is a necessary step to be completed before getting on with your business ideas (like seo). When the product is new to the market, promoting it should be the part where you get extremely confused. The product details can be posted on your Google My Business profile either by clicking on the promotion option after creating a Google post or by uploading photos of your product or service. FAQs can help your product immensely as they could answer the quality-related queries of every potential customer.

2.      Preview for the Customers

An exclusive preview of your product for the local customers will expand its popularity. Since they are most likely to be your first customers, make sure to put up a decently impressive show to generate more loyal customers. Offers for these initial customers will make them revisit your store or repurchase your product.

3.      Contests on Social Media

Conducting an online contest is among the most popular ways of getting more customers to buy a product. Social media is now the most lucrative platform for every business with the option to market their product. Free giveaway of the new product will increase the traffic on your site, which will gradually keep growing to bring in more customers. These contests will garner considerably bigger numbers than conventional marketing techniques.


4.      Marketing through Email

The number of customers entering the site directly from the business emails has been increasing over the past years. As per the reports, almost 45% of recipients are purchasing products through the promotional email. Email newsletters will promote your new product with its images, details, and offers (if any) which is likely to shoot up the footfall rate.

5.      Facebook Ads

With over 1.4 billion users on Facebook, the potential of a product to hit the top is higher with Facebook ads. You can pick your marketing style depending on your budget, and it will help your product to reach the right customers from the appropriate age group, gender, and location through the massive database that Facebook holds.